24 Ways To Show Commitment In Your Relationship

Updated July 31, 2023  

Relationships are incredibly fulfilling, but they can also be challenging.

Each person is looking for something unique in their partner.

And finding the perfect one requires more than compatibility and chemistry.

Knowing how to show your commitment in a relationship is crucial.

Because it serves as the guarantee that you love your partner.

But how exactly can you do this?

Strong commitment entails that you consistently put effort into making your relationship the best it can be despite all the challenges that you are facing.

Let's get started:

What is a Committed Relationship? commitment definition

A committed relationship is when two people agree to share the same level of commitment to each other.

This level varies from couple to couple, but it usually involves monogamy.

Commitment is very important because the excitement of a relationship wears off in time.

Therefore, people must decide to stay with each other intentionally.

For a committed relationship to work, it must be based on the promise of honesty, trust, love, and faith in each other.

examples of commitment in a relationship

To help you get a clearer picture of what is a committed relationship, here are examples of commitment in a relationship:

You spend time together

While it’s normal for a healthy relationship to enjoy personal pursuits, spending time together is very important.

You could do this outside of your regular working hours.

When you spend time together with your partner, it shows that you value each other.

It doesn’t have to be grand.

It could be something as simple as doing activities like watching movies together or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

You share secrets with each other

When you share secrets with someone, it means that you trust each other.

This can be information about yourself, about someone, or even sharing your house key together.

Sharing secrets can be hard if you are not in a committed relationship because it requires you to be vulnerable.

Shared secrets do wonders to strengthen your relationship.

However, make sure to still exercise caution with confidential information.

You know each other’s friends and family

Another characteristic of a healthy relationship is when you know each other’s family and friends.

They are not afraid to show you off to people who are dear to them.

This can be characterized by being invited to family events.

You know and meet each other’s needs

Each person has their unique needs.

This can be emotional support, someone to talk to, or someone to share finances with, among many others.

If you and your partner are both trying to meet your needs, it means that you are in a committed relationship.

You plan your future

In many committed relationships, people make minor and major life decisions based on what each other wants and needs.

When you plan things together for the long term, it should accommodate both of your needs.

You help each other

Do you often find yourself going out of your way to help your partner?

If so, this is a sign that you are in a committed relationship.

When you care and love someone, you will help them not out of obligation, but because it feels right.

For example:

  • picking them up from work
  • cooking a meal for them
  • or even skipping a weekend party to hang out with them.

You support each other during difficulties

Committed relationships are not just present during positive times.

Committed relationships are characterized by being there for each other through life’s ups and downs.

If you are sharing this kind of relationship with someone, you can expect your partner to be your source of strength and support during hard times.

You take vacations together

For committed couples, it’s normal to go on vacations together.

When you spend time with someone, it means that you enjoy their company.

Taking vacations together also entails making happy memories with each other, and getting to know each other’s quirks.

24 Tips on How to Show Commitment in a Relationship

Feeling like you are in a committed relationship with someone is one thing, and showing your commitment to your partner is another.

Here are some ways to show commitment.

1. Don’t threaten to leave

Nothing signifies a lack of commitment more than threatening your partner that you will break up with them every time you fight.

When arguments get very heated, don’t threaten your partner about divorce or breaking up.

It’s okay to have these thoughts.

In fact:

Half of the married couples have thoughts of divorce.1

However, sharing them out loud will only do you more harm than good.

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2. You encourage your partner to grow

Prioritizing your personal growth is important.

But: encouraging your partner to grow as a person even more.

Make this your priority so you can inspire each other to become better people.

This means pushing your partner to get out of their comfort zone and supporting them to accomplish their goals. 

It also entails not being stuck in a period of inaction because this can stunt both of your growth.

As much as you can, share leisure time to enrich your marriage.2

3. Communicate well

Communicating with each other is not a piece of innovative advice.

However, this is very important in a committed relationship considering 67.5% of marriages end due to communication issues.3

Communication should always be based on honesty and making your partner feel supported.

Effective communication can be extremely challenging, especially if there is conflict.

However, both of you should learn how to stand up for yourself, voice your opinion without hurting your partner, and articulate your boundaries clearly.

Good communication also includes recognizing your partner’s efforts, as well as the things you’re grateful for in your relationship.

Always remember that communication should be more focused on positive things.

4. Learn your partner’s love language

Does your partner love to receive gifts?

Or maybe your partner appreciates it if you bring them lunch at work?

Communicating with each other does not just involve words, but also actions.

Showing your lifelong commitment should be done in a way that is meaningful to your spouse.

When you take time to know each other’s love languages, you will understand what makes them happy.4

5. Reminisce together

Want to find out how to show commitment in a relationship?

One way to do this is to reminisce about all the moments you shared with your partner.

This is an awesome way to enhance both of your well-being.5

For example:

  • you can have dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date
  • you can visit the spot where your partner proposed
  • or you can rent a movie you watched before.

Doing all these things may seem simple, but it will do wonders to keep your love alive.

6. Give them gifts

When you are committed to your partner, you know what gifts they love receiving.

One of the best things about being in a relationship is knowing your spouse better than anyone else in the world.

Use your knowledge to think of something they will appreciate.

For example, does your partner love watching movies?

You can get them a poster of their favorite film.

Does your partner love to exercise?

Maybe you can get them a yoga mat.

People are more appreciative of receiving gifts they ask for than those they don’t, so also make sure to consider the things your spouse asks for.6

7. Listen better

People spend around 80% of their day doing a form of communication.7

In today’s age, it’s easy to feel a fake connection with someone.

However, this can be avoided through proper listening.

Instead of always planning what you want to say next, focus more on hearing what your partner wants to say.

If you make an effort to truly listen to them, you will understand them better.

8. Follow through with your promises

Another way to show your partner that you are committed to them is to follow through with all your plans and commitments together.

Around 60% of adults keep promises just to satisfy a loved one.8

If you tell your partner that you will pick up your kids at school, do it.

When you follow this tip, it will prove that your partner can rely on you no matter what.

It also shows that you value your partner above anything else.

9. Switch up your sex life

On average, 26% of couples have sex once a week.9

If you’ve been together with someone for a long time, it’s normal to feel like your sex life is starting to get stale.

If you don’t do something about this, it leads to feelings of discontentment which affects your intimate time together.

As much as you can, try to keep your sex life interesting.

For example, you can set a schedule on when you want to be intimate.

This will ensure that your physical, emotional, and sexual connection remains intact.

10. Prioritize intimacy

Intimacy is more than about sex.

Its meaning goes deeper than that. Intimacy covers physical and emotional closeness with each other.

One technique in how to show commitment in a relationship is to find out new ways to become intimate with each other.

Unfortunately, one in five married couples goes without one single kiss for as long as a week.10

Sometimes, it can feel awkward to remind your partner that you love them through kissing them or simply holding their hand.

However, you should learn how to embrace intimacy to prove to your partner that you are happy in your relationship.

11. Establish boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important in any kind of relationship.

When you are in a committed relationship with someone, you should communicate your boundaries in areas such as your privacy, family, autonomy, physical space, and many more.11

Just because you have been together with your partner for years, they may assume that doing some things is acceptable even if they’re not.

Talking about your boundaries will ensure that both of you will feel supported and respected throughout your relationship.

These two feelings will keep your relationship healthy.

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12. Schedule dates

When you think about what commitment is, the first thing on your mind may be two people making promises and doing them.

A great way to learn how to show commitment in a relationship is to set scheduled dates with your partner.

Couples who go on dates together are 14% less likely to break up than those who don’t.12

You can set weekly or monthly dates.

This can be something as simple as watching a football game or planning a dinner in your favorite restaurant.

13. Take care of things together

Commitment is not all rainbows and butterflies.

Sometimes, it can mean doing things that are challenging for you.

Of course, nothing can prepare you more than to take responsibility for something or someone together.

You can start with little things such as a houseplant.

Once you’re ready, you can move on to pets which can bring joy to your life.

Around 70% of US households have a pet.13

Soon, this can include having a child together.

However, remember that you should be prepared for the commitment and cost it takes to adopt a pet or have a child together.

Do not do these things just because you believe it will strengthen your relationship.

14. Greet each other

Saying good morning or good night dear partner may seem like such a small thing, but it goes a long way.

Even if you don’t live together, always remember to text or call your spouse when you wake up or before you go to bed.

However, remember not to text about arguments or issues.14

Doing this will ensure your spouse feels involved in your life.

15. Don’t be afraid to say I’m sorry

Everyone makes mistakes.

And admitting them can be hard.

If you want to show commitment in a relationship, you should learn how to take responsibility for your mistakes and actions.

By saying I’m sorry, it means that you are acting maturely.

One study found out that apologizing instead of denial can build trust better and your interpersonal relationships when a violation of trust happens.15

16. Talk about your dreams and aspirations

If you want to learn how to show commitment in a relationship, you need to be future-oriented.

When you talk about your goals and dreams with your partner, it entails that you see them in your future.

This can do wonders in your relationship, especially in fostering dependability and trust.

Committing goals in front of another person will also make you 65% more likely to achieve them.16

17. Celebrate relationship milestones

Celebrating milestones such as monthsaries or anniversaries may seem superficial.

However, small gestures like these are an awesome way to show that you place importance on your relationship's progress.

Around 86% of married couples celebrate anniversaries.17

While the celebrations may seem silly at first, it proves to be meaningful in time.

It also gives you a perspective on how far you’ve come.

18. Express your gratitude and appreciation well

A lot of long-term relationships fail because they become complacent.

One way to avoid this is to express your appreciation.

Saying thank you is a significant predictor of marriage quality.18

Remember the things that swept your spouse off their feet in the early months of your relationship.

Another way to show commitment in a relationship is to prove to your partner that it is still possible to make your relationship exciting despite being together for so long.

19. Be willing to sacrifice

If you want to learn how to show commitment in a relationship, you need to put your spouse’s interests above your own, at least sometimes.

This is one of the ultimate just triggers of commitment and love.

Many people put their pride aside to pursue the interests of their partners.

However, remember that if you make sacrifices for your spouse, they will surely recognize that you’re driven to make your relationship work.

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Some of the most common sacrifices for couples include moving out of your country, leaving your profession, and converting to another religion.19

20. Pay attention to little details

Small and intentional details bear more weight than extravagant gestures and you’ll be surprised at how attention to detail will be appreciated by your partner.20

Whether it’s how they take their coffee in the morning, the kind of places they want to visit for vacation, or the way they like their eggs to be cooked, knowing these things will make your partner feel like you value them.

21. Treat them well

Treating your partner as an important person may seem like an easy thing to do.

However, a lot of people are clueless about how this works.

For every negative interaction with your partner, there must be five positive interactions to offset this.

This is called the 5:1 ratio.21

This also means that your spouse should be an active player in your life.

Make them feel welcome when you’re spending time with your family or friends.

This will assure them that you want them to be a part of your existence.

22. Think of your partner when making decisions

When you need to make important decisions, your partner must also take a role in it.

Around 31% of couples equally divide their decisions.22

When you consult with your partner or before making a huge decision, it means that you value and respect their say in your life.

It also entails that you trust their opinion.

23. Build a home

Among cohabiting adults, 53% say that their relationship is going very well.23

Building a home together does not just involve moving under one roof.

It also covers adjusting your life based on the needs of your partner.

For example, if you don’t know how to do house chores, you need to teach yourself how to do them regardless of your gender.

When you actualize this step, it’s an excellent way to learn how to show commitment to your relationship.

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24. Embrace compromise

When you are in a committed relationship with someone, it doesn't mean that you never disagree or fight about anything.

You are different individuals with different opinions.

Therefore, the conflict will eventually happen.

Surprisingly, only 15% to 30% of marriages end due to high conflict, more marriages end because of low conflicts.24

Considering this, always be rational and sensible whenever you are discussing things.

When it comes to learning how to commit to a relationship, do not say things you are bound to regret and compromise if all else fails.

It’s important to be kind, especially during hard times.

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