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Product Disclosure Statement: is an affiliate website earning commissions on products referred to visitors and interested buyers.

Brief Introduction: (we, us) own and operate activities taking place at this website. Visitors (you, your) are offered the required privacy adequately disclosed in our privacy policy. It highlights precisely what methods used to collect, use, store, and disclose sensitive personal information given to use with trust. You therefore grant us permission, without conditions, to gather, use, store, and disclose personal information gathered whenever you pay the website a visit and/or access information within the website as per contents specified in our privacy policy.

Terms Of Use: can be accessed and used as per terms of use specified. You agree to them in total and must be read and understood in conjunction with our privacy policy.

Gathering Personal Information: It is understood personal information about you may be collected whenever you visit the website including but not limited to your name, phone number, email ID, and physical address. Personal information may be provided only at your discretion. In case you choose not to give it, please understand it may not be appropriate or possible to grant you access to specific products or information.

Automation Used To Collect Information: Automated methods and tools are used whenever you visit the website including software to monitor usage, set tracking cookies, and register sessions. No specific limits are set. Gathered information is collectively used to conduct an analysis of the website and how it functions. (For instance, visitor visit patterns may be used to incorporate changes meant to provide richer experience to visitors).  Beyond commitments mentioned in our privacy policy, we assure you information in any form will not be disclosed unless it is comprehensively needed.

Enabled Cookies: We are entitled to enable cookies at to register initial and recurrent sessions. It is to ensure you get access to all functions and may be offered specific services. The reason cookies are set whenever you visit the website is for the purpose of authenticating your visit with a specific identity code. Such technology is used without bias. Setting cookies to monitor visits only registers a visit without giving us access to any information stored on your computer. It is easily possible for you to disable cookies at your end, but functionality at our website may be limited accordingly.

Safety Information: It is understood we are entitled to collect additional information to avoid safety concerns. For example, any untoward browsing activity on leading to safety issues may be recorded to avoid malpractices leading to safety issues.

Usage: Personal information provided by you can be used for several purposes. It could be used to offer you information and services as per your request, send valuable information or important notices regarding new or additional information of interest or beneficial to you. If you agree to receive messages in any form, other information such as news, important events, or promotional material may be delivered. Personal information may also be used to make reference to sensitive information like used ID and password in the eventuality of you forgetting it. Gathered data is also used to add products in demand or update information as required. Information is used to communicate with and identify you in order to answer queries to the best of our ability. It is our endeavor to provide you a rich experience whenever you visit our website, catering to your preferences in particular.

Further Usage and Disclosure: We guarantee your personal information will not be rented, sold, or otherwise leased to outside agencies. Our privacy policy will govern how we use information, especially when dealing with legal advisors, business associates, sub-contractors, allied bodies, business associates, and other entities. Clause 6 will be strictly followed when sensitive information is to be disclosed to outside parties. They must agree to follow dictates of the privacy policy in letter and spirit. Personal information may be used or disclosed as authorized by you or notified by you in writing. Law-enforcement agencies or entities responsible for national security may need access to personal information, in which case it may be provided if necessary to assist in security functions. Only when conditions likely to damage the reputation or our website or threaten its security exist will such sensitive information be provided. You understand we are entitled to protect our rights; virtual real estate; and safety of users, service providers, and us. It is permitted for us to provide information required by law.

Linking Websites: Our website is not responsible for any behavioral patterns followed by other websites or third parties who have hyperlinks posted with us. We are not connected or answerable for any activity conducted on such websites including methods used to collect personal information, rent, store, or pass on to other entities at their discretion. You may visit other websites through hyperlinks posted on our website; however, you are advised to read their privacy policy before venturing to give out personal information in any form. Make note of how such information will be collected, rented, compiled, or given out.

Entitlement To Approach For Updated Information: It is of utmost importance your personal information is accurate and updated within our website database. In the event of you wanting access to such sensitive information, it is important for us to hold accurate and up-to-date personal information, so it can be provided through our privacy officer. We ask that you make a request for personal information in writing. Under certain circumstances, information may be withheld to safeguard our legal rights and the rights of contractors working for us. We will, of course, provide you with valid reasons as to why your personal information has been withheld. In case any correction or request for information is honored (or if a statement must be attached to required information to enable any correction but not completed), a small fee may be determined by us for you to comply with.

Appropriate Changes to Privacy Policy: We may change or update conditions listed in our privacy policy at our discretion or as provided by law. Any change will clearly reflect within the privacy policy content posted at our website. Continued usage of the website after such changes are made will conclude you are aware of and accept changes made in totality.


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