Do You Finally Want To Have A Happy Marriage With Your Husband?

They lied.

You were told that there is the perfect husband for you out there.

Your soul mate.

Once you find him, you'll have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

It will all work itself out.

Now, you've been married for years to a man who believes that doing laundry and raising kids is a woman's job.

The initial dopamine rush has long since faded.

What's left are:

  • Compromises that make neither of you happy.
  • Arguments over trivial matters.
  • No more intimacy.
  • A loveless relationship.

All of these lead to something having to explode - like an overripe pimple just waiting to be squeezed.

This Blog Is For You If:

  • you want to know what makes your man tick and how to use that understanding to build an unexpectedly deep connection with him.
  • you want to learn how to interact with your man so he gives you what you need.
  • you are ready to work on yourself, take responsibility for your actions and don't want to wait until your man changes (which won't happen anyway if he doesn't want to).
  • your relationship is on the brink and you want to save it.

I'm not talking about:

  • Manipulation or "tricks".
  • The next big bullshit secret to get your man to do anything you want.

This Is About:

  • Self-development
  • Being mindful of yourself and your husband
  • Taking responsibility
  • Creating a sustainable, happy relationship
  • Defeating your ego

Why Am I Writing This Relationship Blog?

I went through a tough breakup over 10 years ago (that's around the time I started this blog).

I was still young but had been with this person for 2.5 years.

Ultimately, she broke up with me because she fell in love with my best friend, and he fell in love with her.

And I'm not talking about a "best friend" here, something many say lightly.

I'm talking about my best friend with whom I shared everything.

Whom I loved more than my siblings.

With whom I could be "me" - without having to pretend or hold back.

Someone with whom I could fight to the death, and make up again the next day.

You may be asking:

"Was he really such a good friend?".

Yes, he was and is again (but that's another story).

The interesting thing (in hindsight):

I hadn't noticed any of this.

I was completely blind.

Because it was beyond my imagination that something like this could happen to me.

Although my friends had explicitly asked me about it if there might be something going on between them.

When I tell this story, I always say:

That was the worst physical pain I had ever experienced from mental distress.

But at the same time, it was also my turning point.

I was lucky that I was raised by a mom (a therapist), who taught me and my siblings to always look at ourselves first.


When something serious happened, she encouraged us to ask ourselves:

"What responsibility do I bear for what happened? What is my part in it? What can I change about my behavior/perception so it doesn't happen again?"

And not:

"Who is to blame?"

And what can I say:

I understand why the relationship failed and that my part was enormous.

As A Man, Why Do I Want To Help Women And Not Other Men? Wouldn't That Make More Sense?

Great question.

For 3 reasons:

1. Women usually take care of the emotional work in a relationship and are much more willing to become ACTIVE.

This is also quite evident in the e-mails I receive from my readers:

80% are from women seeking help.

2. It's a lot easier to make men happy in a marriage.

Studies have shown that when the wife is happy, so is the husband.

"Happy wife, happy life."

Conversely, that means:

Women have a much greater influence on the happiness in their marriages and are simply more efficient and faster at turning things around.

If they're taking the right actions.

3. I don't presume to know what makes women tick or how they feel.

I have been primarily studying the psychology and behavioral patterns of myself and men in general.

Therefore, I can help you to better understand and empathize with their behaviors.

And understanding is always the first step to fix a problem.

So this is what I understand and can help you understand as well:

  • why men feel what they feel
  • why they act the way they do
  • and what  you can do about it
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