How To Make an Ex Want You Back – 4 Foolproof Methods to Rekindle the Flame

    how to make an ex want you backOnly one pain beats the pain of falling in love, the sheer agony of breaking up. No matter whether you instigated the break up or were on the receiving end of the fatal blow, the pain tearing through your heart is nothing short of torture that affects every part of your life.

    When you hit a relationship crisis every instinct screams at you to somehow, anyhow, make things right between you, but often this can lead to a permanent breakup and a complete loss of hope for a reconciliation.

    If you really want to learn how to make your ex want you back you have to take control. There are four fool proof ways to make your ex want you back, or at the very least get them thinking about you again. If you want an in-depth guide helping you to get your ex back you should read my Ex Factor Guide Review

    Method 1 – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    I know that you are dying inside and that keeping your distance and playing it cool is the very last thing you want to do right now, but believe me, you need to stay well clear of your ex.

    # Do Not phone, email or text message them. Ever. Not even to say how was your day?, have you got my toothbrush? or I love your new haircut (that last one is guaranteed to send you straight to Creeps-ville in their mind).

    # Avoid the places and events where you know they are likely to be. Yes you can still go to the Bon Jovi concert as long as you can guarantee you are sitting across the stadium from your ex and there is little-to-no chance of seeing them or vise versa.

    # Do Not hassle friends and relatives by trying to gather information about your ex.

    # Under No Circumstances beg or plead, give presents or get down on your knees with promises of change. Desperate-ville is only a little distance from Creeps-ville and neither destination will make your ex want you back.

    Method 2 – Change it Up

    I know you want to sit around watching TV, eating Doritos dipped in ice-cream and barely raising a foot off the couch, but that is the last thing you should be doing. What will you achieve? I guarantee that you will only end up with a few more pounds on your belly and a lot less life. You certainly won’t attract the attention of your ex – or anyone for that matter.

    One of the fastest ways to make your ex want you back is to get off your butt and get a makeover. Nothing says “I’m doing really well without you, thanks” better than actually looking like you are on top of the world.

    The best part is that your ex doesn’t even have to see you with their own eyes for the effect to be noticed. Honestly, grab a tan, whiten your teeth, throw some dye through your hair, add a few new clothes and not only will you feel a million bucks, but just wait for the reaction from your mutual friends! If you get super encouraged then go all out, hit the gym, lose pounds, tone up and feel as fantastic as you look.

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    Method 3 – Get On With Your Life

    You want to get back with your ex, but you need them to feel the same way. Do you think that looking like the wreck you feel on the inside will do that? No, you don’t. No one wants a relationship based on pity and you deserve far better than that.

    It is bizarre that some people think that the only way to make your ex want you back is to go all out in some disturbing display of self loathing and ‘poor me’ attention seeking. Let me ask, when was the last time YOU wanted to spend time with someone wallowing in self pity? Face it, you didn’t and neither does anyone else.

    Self pity does not make other people want to spend time with you because it is an ugly, destructive emotion that makes everyone around you feel bad.

    To even stand a chance of your ex wanting you back you need to make others feel good. Instead of dwelling on your troubled relationship, keep smiling, go out with friends of both genders and try to at least look like you are enjoying yourself.

    Method 4 – Be Prepared To Fail

    Be prepared that you may never rekindle the fire of this relationship. You cannot make someone love just because you have intense feelings for them. So while you should not give up hope you still need to be prepared for the fact that your plan to make your ex want you back may not work.

    At least by putting all the steps above into practice your heart will heal faster and you will be better placed to open the doors to new and better relationship with someone more deserving of you.

    About the Author Elizabeth Davis

    With more than twenty years experience in the field, Elizabeth Davis is a well known and respected relationship adviser. Through her site she offers free, no-holds-barred counseling, friendship and support to anyone experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Let her help you to a life filled with the unconditional love and laughter you deserve.

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