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8 Scientific Ways to Improve Your Marriage Today (Infographic) + 50 Bonus Tips

    We don’t want to accept this harsh reality but most of us are in marriages which have a lot of room for improvement. But there are several steps you can take to strengthen your marriage. Today I’m sharing an infographic that talks about 8 scientific ways to improve your marriage plus 50 bonus tips below the infographic.Embed […]

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    How To Have A Happy Marriage: 58 Coaches Share 100+ Tips

      how to have a happy marriage featured image

      If you want to know how to have a happy marriage relationship, you’ve come to the right place. In our marriages we tend to concentrate too much on the negative, the things that lead to bad feelings towards our spouse and ourselves and, at the same time, neglect to do things that make us, our spouse […]

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      The Top 10 Myths About Marriage – Do You Believe Them?

        Top Marriage Myths busting with a bowling ball marked Truth striking pins illustrating myths

        In this article, we’re going to be taking a peek at ten most common marriage myths that are spread around, which in fact, often have no truth or fact supporting them. Some of these might be familiar to you, and some of them might be something new; regardless, I warn you not to take any […]

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        Are You Driving Your Spouse Away With Unrealistic Expectations?

          unreealistic expecations in marriage created a wall between husband and wife

          Having unrealistic expectations in marriage can lead to serious problems later on in a relationship or marriage. Whether it’s you or your partner with the high expectations, sooner or later it’s going to cause issues. So what do I mean by unreasonable expectations in marriage? Well, let me give you an example. Let’s say your […]

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          8 Ways To Revive A Struggling Marriage

            Ways To Revive A Struggling Marriage - Middle aged couple relaxing

            At the start of any marriage, love is in the air. The honeymoon period may be over, but the passion, the spark is still there. It’s fantastic. It’s everything you dreamed it would be. Fast forward a few years later. Things have calmed down, perhaps slowed to a crawl. The passion has leaked out into […]

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