Jane had really thought it through.

The advent calendar she had given Sam was filled with all the little snacks he liked.

The only thing that came from him:

A short thank you.

She had imagined it differently.

A little more gratitude for all her work would have been nice.

What Jane doesn’t know:

Sam doesn’t care about gifts.

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What Are the 5 love languages (By Gary Chapman)? How Can You Use Them to Improve Your Relationship and Avoid Misunderstandings?

You can have a seemingly perfect spouse, a big house, rewarding careers, money in the bank, and beautiful kids.

Yet somehow, your marriage is on the rocks because you don’t know how to talk to your spouse.

About 50% of participants in various studies on married couples have cited poor communication as a reason for divorce.

A lack of communication that leads to conflict has also been cited by Couple Family Psychology as one of the top three precursors to divorce.

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What Does Good Communication In Marriage Look Like? Find Out Now + 13 Tips To Improve Your Skills

It’s always an incredible idea to add fresh wisdom and passion to your marriage. Throughout your relationship, you may have experienced ups and downs. In fact, you may have been a hero AND a villain in your relationship. Despite this, you understand that marriage takes consistent teamwork. If you’re driven to work on your marriage, good news awaits

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The 10 Best Online Marriage Courses To Help You Save Your Marriage in 2023

If there’s one thing couples always argue about, it’s splitting chores.Maintaining a household is exhausting if you’re not on the same page as your partner.Communicating is key to tackling the chore problem, no matter how “unsexy” the subject may seem.The majority of household chores fall to women. One report even found out that women in the

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Division of Labor in Marriage: 10 Easy Steps to Make it Fair

We’ve grown up singing too many love songs and watching chick flicks that we think love is the ONLY thing that matters in a relationship.That’s not true.It’s completely unrealistic to think that way.Love costs money. It’s impossible to ignore the financial aspects of relationships. Keep reading to help you get a clearer picture of how money

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Money & Marriage: 8 Essential Tips For A Financially Happy Marriage

All relationships face challenges.

Partners can resolve their issues and stay together or make the tough choice to split up.

Being married, however, makes everything more complicated.

You have a family to think about, especially when kids are involved.

Long-term investments like a house, car or a retirement plan are suddenly up in the air.

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10 Signs You Have Been Growing Apart In Your Marriage + The Best Tips To Reconnect With Your Spouse

I punched him hard in the face.

He was crying. I was crying.

Our teacher saw us fighting and sprinted over.

She yelled at us like a howler monkey and forced us to apologize.

That’s the last thing I wanted to do.

You know it. I know it: We didn’t mean it.

Sometimes, even if we sincerely apologize, we mess up because of how we express our apologies.

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How To Sincerely Apologize To Your Wife or Husband (without causing a new fight): The Anatomy Of An Effective Apology

If you want to become a better spouse, be like a turtle:

One slow step at a time.

If you try to sprint toward your goal, you will be gasping for air quicker than a fish gasping for water on the kitchen table.

The trick is to be constant and consistent with your actions.

Because connection happens in the small moments.

Let’s get started:

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20 Super Practical Ways To Become A Better Spouse (Right Now)

When you’ve spent years together with your partner, conversations can feel a little boring.

Especially when all you talk about are kids, work, and chores.

So how can you turn this around?

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50+ Fun and Intimate Date Night Questions to Ask your Partner

Falling in love is so easy.

The real work starts when the honeymoon stage fades.

In time, what used to be your “effortless” relationship turns into something that needs intentional effort to maintain the spark.

Think about it:

Your schedule will start to get busy, you have to deal with kids, most of your date nights may be canceled, or you may get into arguments more often.

But don’t worry.

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My 15 Best Tips To Make Your Relationship Work – Be The Best Partner You Always Wanted To Be