Being criticized is a serious concern for many people, and worse, people worry about criticizing others, due to the fact they hate being criticized themselves. It’s a horrible feeling sometimes, especially if done in a vicious fashion. The truth is, having critical feedback can often be a good thing and is a vital part of

How To Deal With Criticism In A Relationship

We all have been through that time when we became skeptical and jaded about love because every relationship we have had only ended up in failure. After a romantic relationship that burst into flames, we feel helpless in not knowing how to start again and how to pick the pieces of ourselves. We feel incomplete

Break the Cycle of Dead-End Relationships and Find The Love You Deserve

Most people prefer not to be friends with their exes after a breakup because they feel that there will always be a lingering feeling of bitterness and resentment, which will make the friendship impossible to happen. If it is a really crappy relationship that ended in a completely shitty breakup, then the idea of being

Being Friends After A Break Up – Is That Even Possible?

Some relationships last, some relationships fall apart completely, but what exactly ruins a relationship and stops it forming into a beautiful lifetime commitment? What is the issue behind these failed relationships? Romance and love are always constricted wrongly in movies and with everyone so reliant on the media, everybody has the idea of a knight

6 Critical Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In A Relationship

Running out of ideas to impress someone special? Is it that time of the year when you want to give her something more than just a gift? A peace offering perhaps? With the Valentine’s Day fever just around the corner, finding the perfect solution to your dilemma won’t be a problem. This is the right

4 Tips On How To Impress Your Girlfriend