It feels like World War III – you and the love of your life are in a screaming match. You’ve been fighting for hours, and you can’t even recall what caused the problem in the first place. Your partner is furious, and you are now on the verge of tears. Fighting with your partner is a natural part

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Are You Constantly Fighting In Your Relationship? Discover How To Stop and Establish Constructive Fighting Patterns

Let me tell you:

Cuddling is a heavily underestimated form of intimacy.

I dug deep into the world of cuddling and found that it can be one of the best bonding experiences. (I haven’t been a big fan myself, but I am now)

In this post, I will share the surprising benefits and 15 cuddle positions you can try.

Prepare yourself for getting your Master’s Degree in cuddling.

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How to Cuddle: Discover The Surprising Health Benefits and 15 Cuddling Positions You Can Try Today

Falling in love is so easy.

The real work starts when the honeymoon stage fades.

In time, what used to be your “effortless” relationship turns into something that needs intentional effort to maintain the spark.

Think about it:

Your schedule will start to get busy, you have to deal with kids, most of your date nights may be canceled, or you may get into arguments more often.

But don’t worry.

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My 15 Best Tips To Make Your Relationship Work – Be The Best Partner You Always Wanted To Be

Everyone feels grateful to the love of their life.

However, do you make an effort to show it?

This doesn’t mean planning a grand vacation or getting them the most expensive gift you can find.

Sometimes, learning how to show appreciation to your partner lies in the little things.

It’s about constantly making an effort every single day even when times are rough.

Unfortunately, most people get lazy and comfortable in their relationships, and in time, people take their spouses for granted.

After all, life can get chaotic and busy.

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How To Show Appreciation To Your Partner: 23 Practical Tips

Relationships are incredibly fulfilling, but they can also be challenging.

Each person is looking for something unique in their partner.

And finding the perfect one requires more than compatibility and chemistry.

Knowing how to show your commitment in a relationship is crucial.

Because it serves as the guarantee that you love your partner.

But how exactly can you do this?

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24 Ways To Show Commitment In Your Relationship

Most people prefer not to be friends with their exes after a breakup because they feel that there will always be a lingering feeling of bitterness and resentment, which will make the friendship impossible to happen.

If it is a really crappy relationship that ended in a completely shitty breakup, then the idea of being friends with the other person is definitely out of the question.

However, being friends with an ex is not exactly an impossible feat as there are former couples who have managed to stay acquainted as friends even after the relationship is over.

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Being Friends After A Break Up – Is That Even Possible?