50+ Best Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Updated August 2, 2023  

The secret to keeping your married life interesting is to find fresh and romantic things to enjoy together.

The importance of date nights cannot be understated, but even married couples can get stuck in a rut.

Unsurprisingly, married couples benefit so much from date nights, even more than cohabiting couples.1

Research even suggests that couples who enjoy occasional date nights are 14% less likely to break up.2

The heaviest impact it contributes to married couples is an increase in communication.3

More than that, it can also increase intimacy and personal fulfillment.

But even if research points to how important date nights are, thinking about new ways to spend time together is not easy, especially when it feels like you’ve enjoyed everything with your partner.

This is why I’ve done the research for you and gathered the best date night ideas for couples.

Best Date Ideas

Whether you’re a foodie, you love cheesy gestures, or you have a strong sense of adventure, I’ve got you covered.

Get your notebooks ready because these date night ideas will surely inspire you.

1. Watch your favorite movie

Movie marathons are extremely entertaining. Choose your favorite film and watch it together.

You can even make snacks such as chocolate chip cookies or popcorn to make your movie snuggle time even better.

2. Have dinner in bed

You’re probably familiar with breakfast in bed. But have you enjoyed dinner in bed with your partner?

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy your favorite food under the covers while talking about life.

3. Read the same book

If you and your partner are both voracious readers, you can dive into the same book. Then, you can discuss it with each other. 

If you’ve done this, you can pick out a book for the other person to read.

4. Get active together

If you and your spouse are both active, you can do a home workout together. For example, you can do a Pilates class or a simple stretch class at night.

5. Stroll together

Not all date nights should be expensive. If you want to spend time with your partner, you can stroll around your neighborhood at night. 

Chances are, you will enjoy deep conversations while walking around this familiar spot.

6. Go camping

Love adventure? Plan a camping trip for you and your spouse. You can pitch a tent and enjoy a cuddle session under the stars. 

If you can’t leave home, set up the tent in your backyard or your living room. Microwaving smores will make this date night even more special.

7. Enjoy a spa night at home

A lot of people falsely think spa nights are only for women. However, it can also be beneficial for men. 

Treat yourself to a spa night at home complete with a bubble bath, facemasks, scented candles, and tea.

8. Have a cook-off

Healthy competition can be extremely fun. You and your partner can have a cooking competition with the current ingredients in your pantry. 

The meals don’t have to be fancy. The best part about this date night is that you can enjoy your meals together and decide who the winner is.

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9. Enjoy wine night

Whether you or your spouse are wine lovers or not, you can enjoy a wine night together. Simply visit your local liquor shop and choose around five wine varieties at different price points. 

You can have a blind tasting and you and your partner can guess which wine is the most expensive or affordable.

10. Do art together

You don’t have to be artistic to enjoy this date idea. You and your partner can simply get a “paint by numbers” painting set and complete it together.

11. Reminisce about past moments

Reminiscing is one of the best things you can do as a couple. If you don’t have a photo album, you can take a look at your Instagram or Facebook photos and see your old trips and vacations. 

You can also look back on special moments such as anniversaries. This will give you both an idea of how far you’ve come as a married couple.

12. Dress up and go to your favorite restaurant

Want to go all out on your date night? Pick your favorite dress or tux and go out to your favorite restaurant. 

This is an awesome way to practice self-care and surprise your partner with how good you can look.

13. Dance the night away

One of the best things about being a married couple is that you don't have to worry about humiliating yourself in front of your partner. 

Whether you are a dancer or not, you can enjoy a salsa night together at home. Simply turn the lights down low, put your favorite music on, and dance the night away.

14. Take quizzes together

If you don’t want to go out for date night, you can take personality quizzes at home so you and your partner can know yourselves better. 

Some of the tests you can do include Myers-Briggs type, your love language, or even your Harry Potter House. Don’t forget to discuss your results with each other.

15. Visit museums

One of the best experiences you can share with your partner is to visit museums together. 

This is an awesome way to immerse yourself in history, science, culture, and art. Surely, both of you will walk away from this date feeling very inspired.

16. Try roleplaying

Most people fantasize about becoming a different person. Feed this fantasy by pretending you’re different people for the night. 

This will add so much variety to your relationship and it will surely make it a night to remember.

17. Road trip together

Just like role-playing, Road trips are an amazing way to spice up your marriage. You can plan a simple trip to a nearby town.

Simply map out your route, pack some snacks, get a playlist ready, and make some memories.

18. Solve a puzzle

Purchase a big puzzle and solve it together. See if you can figure out the entire thing in just one night. 

If not, you can do a second puzzle date night. Still a win!

19. Enjoy stargazing

Stargazing is such a romantic date idea. If you live in the suburbs, all you need to do is turn off the lights and you can enjoy the stars. 

If it’s too cloudy or too cold to do it, you can simply set up a star projector in your living room, lay down some comfortable blankets, and enjoy the view.

20. Make pizza

Pizza is a versatile food that everyone loves. You can have a pizza date night with your partner and make your favorite pizzas without judging each other’s toppings.

If you’re too busy to make your pizza dough, simply buy from the store.

21. Make cocktails

Want to try something other than wine? Make a delicious cocktail for two on your date. You can make a margarita, martini, or any of your favorite drinks.

22. Bake together

Think about your favorite desserts and try to recreate them. Even if you fail, you will surely have so much fun on this date.

23. Binge-watch a show together

Forget all your worries for the night and binge-watch your favorite show together. Don’t forget to buy snacks.

24. Enjoy a trivia night

Trivia nights are such an amazing date night idea that will help you get to know each other more and talk about different topics. 

You can do an online quiz, or make up your own questions.

25. Redecorate your home

You’ll be surprised at how much a change in your environment can spice up your marriage. 

This is such a great date night idea for couples who want to redesign their space together. If you need inspiration, you can simply look up photos on Pinterest.

26. Write each other letters

One of the best secrets when it comes to making your marriage successful is to be more intentional in making romantic moments together. 

You can do this by writing each other love letters at home during your date night. Receiving a handwritten personal letter from your special someone will surely make both of you feel loved.

27. Recreate your first date

Depending on your first date, this can either be very challenging or easy. Reminisce over the first or favorite date that you’ve spent together and try to recreate it. 

This will challenge you to become creative.

28. Visit a carnival

Carnival dates may seem very cheesy but it’s a classic for a reason. 

Share an adrenaline rush with your special someone or the joy of winning a prize at an arcade game.

29. Go shopping together

This step doesn't just involve heading to your favorite mall and going to your favorite shops. 

As much as you can, try to visit new shops that you've never been to before. Instead of simply getting designer clothes, browse through art galleries, specialty shops, and vintage stores.

30. Get a tattoo

Don’t panic. This date idea doesn’t mean tattooing your spouse’s name on your body. 

You can pick a subtle design that will remind you of your relationship and love for each other.

31. Play mini-golf

Mini golf is one of the best date ideas for couples. You can either do indoor golf or try it in classic outdoor courts. Whatever you pick, you will surely have fun.

32. Do a karaoke night

Any night where you sing your heart out to your favorite songs will surely be great. 

If you don’t have Karaoke at home, you can search for karaoke versions of songs on YouTube.

33. Enjoy a stand up special

Only a few things are more special than laughing together with your spouse. And what’s one sure-fire way to do this?

Watch a comedy special together. Some of the best standup comedians on Netflix include Jo Koy, Ali Wong, Trevor Noah, and Aziz Ansari.

34. Play video games together

If you and your partner are both competitive, you can enjoy healthy competition by playing video games.

You can have a tournament by playing multiplayer games such as Tekken, or Mario kart.

35. Enjoy tapa night together

Prepare different tapas instead of a hearty dinner. If you want to take the extra mile, dress up and get some wine.

36. Play “would you rather” or truth or dare

Want to spice things up in your marriage? You can play “would you rather” or “truth or dare.”

37. Have a dessert night

End the day right by having your favorite dessert. Order your favorite cake from a restaurant nearby and enjoy it in your pajamas while at home.

38. Listen to records

Want to enjoy a throwback evening together? Pick out your favorite records and get them spinning. Your favorite love songs may just make it on your music night.

39. Watch a concert

You can relive one of your favorite moments by watching a taped concert on streaming platforms or even on YouTube.

40. Have a candlelight dinner

Think dinner dates are too boring? Set up a romantic mood by turning off all your lights for the evening and lighting a candle. 

Make sure to buy some flowers for your table setting.

41. Make sushi together

If you and your spouse love Japanese food, why not try making sushi? Just whip up the ingredients including Rice and whatever filling you desire. 

To make it easier, don’t forget to purchase a sushi mat.

42. Plan a trip together

Every married couple has a dream vacation. Plan a date night to create your itinerary without booking hotels or tickets just yet. 

This will give you something to look forward to in the future.

43. Listen to a podcast

Whether it’s a comedy, crime show, or inspiring podcast, listen to it together. You can even pick a new topic that you’ve never discussed before.

44. Edit videos together

The cameras on phones today are extremely impressive. Chances are, you have videos on your phone that can be used for a clip. 

Edit video clips on your laptop or use an app on your phone to come up with new footage with your favorite song.

45. Make a Tiktok together

This app gets a bad rap on older couples. However, don’t hate it until you’ve tried it. Tiktok is a very creative and inspiring app. 

You can teach yourself dances, or lip sync viral audios with your special someone.

46. Surprise your S.O.

Surprises can be something as simple as a home-cooked dinner, or a reservation in your favorite restaurant.

47. Print out and frame photos

Gather your favorite photos throughout the years and give them new life by framing them and displaying them in your room or living area.

48. Go on a ferry ride

You’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on every date night. Even a ferry ride will be special as long as you’re with someone you love.

49. Plan a double date

Double dates can be extremely fun, but make sure you’re with a couple both of you get along with. 

This date idea can spark and inspire more meaningful conversations with each other. It’s also a great way to connect with friends.

50. See a band

Try to go out to your favorite local bar and see a local band perform covers of popular songs. You can order a few rounds of beers and enjoy the night away.

51. Go to an escape room

Another great date night idea for adventurous couples is to try escape rooms. Here, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of entering the unknown and solving a riddle together.

52. Play board games

Chances are, you’ve got a couple of board games at home. Awaken your competitive spirit by enjoying a friendly game together.

This can be chess, Splendor, or any other board game you love.

53. See a play

Going out to the theater to watch a play is a very special date night idea. After the play, you can discuss it together over wine or your favorite drinks.

54. Do a pub crawl

Just because you’ve been married for years doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out.

You’ll be surprised at how much a good old-fashioned pub crawl will make you feel recharged.

55. Experiment in the bedroom

Whether it’s new toys or new moves, mix up your usual bedroom routine and try something new.

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