People who are not adept with conflict resolution look for other ways to fix a failing marriage each time they argue with their partners. There are a lot of people who are not completely aware of the factors that cause marital issues. Hence, they keep on groping for answers in the dark as they try

My friend Robb, an interior designer from San Francisco, once posed me this question: “Is saying yes all the time the best way to a peaceful marriage?” Robb has been having problems that have been hurting his marriage relationship with his wife, Jane. During one of our talks over coffee, Robb described in complete detail

Divorce is stressful and devastating not only for the couples who have decided to split but also for their whole family. However, this marital breakup has a deeper effect on the children in so many ways. There is nothing about divorce that is easy for children. Everything about the split is confusing and sad for

Most of the time, you probably sense that something is off with your relationship when you find yourself asking if your spouse is cheating on you. However, although you know that you should trust your instincts, you become so busy with life and being a loving spouse that you tend to neglect and become unaware

Marital stress. It’s a relatively new name for a centuries old problem, one that has caused more than it’s fair share of break ups and divorces. How familiar does this scenario sound? You get out of the car, slam the door and hold back the tears for that moment you partner comes home. You don’t