Your vows are spoken, the cake is cut, you survived the first dance and the honeymoon is over. You are officially married and deeply in love, so what now? Do you even need marriage advice for newlyweds? I mean come on, the whole idea of a couple who have been together long enough to make

Marital Separation, for any reason, is a stressful and lonely time and more couples than ever are having to cope with traveling spouses who are away for days, weeks and even months at a time. Whether you are apart from your loved one because of travel, military service or because of marital problems the challenges

Okay, so your marriage is not living up to expectations and you did what everyone does when they need an answer. You went to Google and did a search for divorce statistics and some answer site gave you a statistic of roughly 50%, so did every other site you visited. At some point in every

“Does my husband still love me?” It might seem like a harmless question but many women are so afraid of the answer that they won’t even whisper it to themselves. Even though you are pretty sure that he does, the mere suggestion that the answer could be ‘no’  burns into your mind and soon begins

Steve paused mid stroke. Put his razor down and leaned on the basin. He felt like a zombie. Only barely alive but lost, alone and empty.What had he done?She had only been gone for a few hours, yet Steve felt as though it had been years.His heart ached and reliving the arguments from the night