The 14 Mistakes That Will Instantly Kill Your Chances Trying To Save Your Marriage

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You Want To Save Your Marriage But Don't know what to do and you seem to Make Everything Worse?

Your marriage is stuck in a downward spiral and is about to end in divorce.

You're ready to do everything to make sure that doesn't happen.

The problem:

Trying "everything" won't work.

On the contrary:

I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will make it worse.


Because it's tough for us to think straight in stressful situations.

Our brains switch into fight or flight mode.

That means:

Our decisions are no longer based on logic:

"Oh, there's a lion. I should move slowly, so I don't trigger its hunting instinct and hide."

But instead, "Fuuuucckkk, run!" or worse, "I'm gonna fight that thing."

It's a reflex which is hard to control if we don't know what behavior we need to look out for.

This emotional reaction makes us do completely insane things.

The good news is:

I'm going to tell you the most common and destructive mistakes 99% make so that you can avoid them.


  • The #1 mistake people make when they hear that their spouse wants to leave.
  • The one thing that can start a divorce, although neither of you intended to in the first place.
  • How you’re sabotaging yourself and how to stop it right now.


You'll get my best tips on how to stop the downward spiral and turn it into upward momentum (even if you don't believe that's possible right now).

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