Young couple sitting on sofa at home, holding hands, smiling happily each other - how to make him commitYou have been with a man you love for a while. You love sex with him, but more than that, you love spending your time with him.

After dating for months, things between you and your man start to get serious. You are finally feeling the proverbial romance sparks, and you know that he feels it too.

However, he has not committed himself to you fully YET.

Now that you have finally found the elusive “The One,” the next challenge for you is to make sure that he becomes fully committed to a relationship that you will want to sustain together as a couple.

There a lot of reasons why a man does not want to commit to a relationship, but the main reason they do not commit is that they are not sure if they are ready to jump into a relationship with you.

Men, like women, also want to make sure that the person they are dating is the one they want to spend a lifetime with.

Perhaps, your man does not say that he loves you yet because he does not want to be the “I love you slut.”

He does want to be that guy who blurts “I love you” too early in a relationship because he wants to make sure that you feel the same way too.

Moreover, it is also possible that he is ready for a commitment but has not informed you yet because he does not see that you are ready to be in a long-term relationship.

Sometimes men also check red flags to see if the woman they are dating is willing to take the relationship to the next level.

Here are some ways to make him want to commit to a long-term relationship with you.

Never Give Him All the Relationship Benefits Until He Is Ready

One thing you should not be doing when waiting for your man to commit is to give yourself completely to that man even when he has not expressed any hint of taking your relationship to the next level.

Do not give him all the benefits of a relationship unless he tells you that he wants to commit to a real relationship.

This does not only apply sexually. This also means that you do not have to take the time for him all the time.

Do not be that woman.

Every man you date must earn his place in your life.

You can date and spend intimate time with him, but do not give him all of your time unless he is ready to be exclusive with you.

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Show Him Your Affectionate Side

When I say that you must not give yourself completely to your man unless he wants commitment with you, this does not mean you have to be the cold bitch who demands commitment.

You still have to show him your sweet side. You still need to show your man how life is like if he has you as a girlfriend.

Think of it as a taste test. You may not fully act as a girlfriend, but you need to show him how capable you are of being one without turning into a full-time caretaker.

Do simple things that will help him see how affectionate you are while making his life easier.

Prepare a surprise dinner for him, babysit his little nephew for an afternoon, or deal with one of his annoying friends.

Men at any age crave for TLC. Just show him how loving you are as a girlfriend without becoming a mother or a caretaker for him.

Keep Him Engrossed with Meaningful Conversations

You know why you always see groups of men hanging out over buckets of beer and telling stories about their lives that are either gross, hilarious, or even crazy?

Telling stories is an important bonding time among men, but you can also use this to make your man commit to a relationship with you.

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Having many meaningful conversations with your man helps increasing his relationship satisfaction with you because you make him feel that you are someone he can talk about almost anything.

Yes, you can tell him stories about your purchases at the mall or about the latest rundown about your girlfriends’ lives because he cares about them too.

However, what will make him commit to you more is when he hears you take a strong opinion about a certain issue, tell him funny and crazy stories about your day, or even an interesting magazine article that you have just read.

People who have meaningful conversations about real issues tend to become more satisfied in their relationships.

Do Not Be the “I Love You” Slut Yourself

Your man longs for commitment as much as you do, but he is taking his time wisely and is carefully treading the dating stage to make sure that you are really the ideal girlfriend for him.

In this case, if you are dating a guy and want him to take the relationship to a higher level, do not blurt “I love you” unless you really feel that you are ready to commit as well.

Not all men are into “I love you” sluts, so you might want to have your emotions in check before admitting your feelings to your date.

If you have only been dating for a few months, telling him that you love him too early in the dating stage might be a red flag for him. I am not saying that you have to wait for him to say it first, although that is also highly ideal.

However, if you really want your date to commit into a long-term relationship, you also have to take time to show him that you are the woman that is worth his time and attention.

Give Him a Time Frame Not a Deadline

If you have been dating a guy for more than a year and he is still not showing you signs of wanting to take the relationship into a more serious stage, you need to give him some time to seriously think about being in a relationship with you.

To make sure that the two of you are on the same page when it comes to building a life together, give your man a timeframe to figure out what he wants to do with his life and to know where you are in his plans.

Tell him that you are still dating, but you are just detaching yourself a little to give him space to think about what life would be like without you by his side. Give him six months to contemplate the relationship aspect thoroughly.

Moreover, take that time as well to figure out if he is really the man you want to spend most of your life with.

If you want to get him to commit to a relationship with you, you need to be that woman whom he can talk to about anything because after all the years of dating and sex and when both of you are old and fragile, it is the conversations and stories that will keep your relationship interesting.

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