4 Recreational Activities You Can Do at Home to Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriage technically means a legal union of a man and a woman. They take vows during the ceremony and sign documents to legitimize the marriage. It’ll just take a short time to finish the entire process before they become legal husband and wife.

After a few years of marriage, the couple encounters problems and issues in different aspects of life. The struggles they face every day consequently make their relationship frail. The challenge now between them is how to hold on and protect their marriage.

The couple can approach any marriage counselor to get some helpful pieces of advice. However, it’ll be better if they must work it out first by themselves before they let a third party help.

​Here’s a list of recreational activities to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife that you can do at home.

In the Kitchen and Dining Area: Prepare the Favorite Food of your Partner

Food is always something that makes everyone happy. It’ll satisfy your hunger or satiate your cravings. You can use this as a strategy to strengthen your marriage.

Find out what’s the favorite food of your partner.

Go to the supermarket and buy all of the ingredients. Then, cook the food and prepare it on the dining table. It’ll also be a good idea if you add something romantic to the scene.

You can light scented candles, pour wine in a glass, and other things to incorporate into making your experience more extraordinary.

For you to have more ideas about setting up the dining area as well as plans to make it more passionate, you can always surf the internet when you have free time. However, only choose those practical ones that your partner might get interested in. Otherwise, everything will be a failure.

Aside from taking your dinner together, you can also do other time-making tasks like going to the supermarket for groceries, or even revamping your kitchen and dining area. The latter may cost you money, but if both of you love to cook and eat, it’s a good idea to give these areas in your house a new look.

Both of you can decide the motif of your kitchen and dining area. Agree on the flooring and ceiling structure.  Choosing the style of the countertop as well as choosing a faucet are the things that both of you must approve. Doing these things in the favorite part of your house may significantly help fortify the bond as husband and wife.

In the Bedroom: Making Time Together at the End of the Day

Married life is a busy life, especially if you have kids. You and your partner work even harder to defray all of the daily expenses as well as to save up for the future of your children. While working so hard, you tend to forget to spend time with your partner. It looks like you’ve reached the point in your life that even a simple hello is hard to utter.

Pause to think about it. Contemplate on the things happening in your marriage and figure out if it’s still healthy or not. If not, then find ways to resolve the problem as soon as possible before everything gets any worse.

Communicate with your partner. Have time to talk about what happened at work. Learn to listen to each other. The best time to do this is before going to sleep – the time when both of you are lying on your bed inside your bedroom.

Make it sure that your children are sleeping this time to avoid interruption with your talk. You can wear your favorite nightclothes for your comfort. Also, turn on the air conditioning unit to add coolness inside your room making it more romantic especially in hot summer.

Moreover, you can also go to the shopping malls with your partner to buy a new set of blankets and comforters, even pillows, curtains, stuffed toys, and furniture. You can also purchase matching nightclothes of different colors and styles with your partner.

Since your room is the closet of your privacy, make it more interesting, and give it a new look.

In the Backyard Garden: Giving Gifts to Each Other

The backyard is the part of your house that’s usually empty. If you have time and enough budget, you can transform it into a beautiful garden. You can even put a swimming pool at the center or a water fountain to give more attraction to it.

You might forget the last time you went out together for dinner. You might not remember as well the feeling of eating in a fancy restaurant with the most romantic and picturesque setting. Because of your busy schedule, you don’t have time to do all these stuff with your partner.

It might be the right time for you to do it again. If you can’t do it in a fancy restaurant, you can do it in your backyard garden. Place the table with two chairs in the middle of beautiful flowers and perfect landscapes. Light a scented candle on the table, serve the food and eat your dinner together.

After eating, you can have a couple of glasses of wine. To make it more exciting, you can also play your favorite song as the background music to spice up your date experience. To make it perfect, inviting your partner to dance with you is an irresistible request that you can never say no to it.

Dance with the music. Follow the rhythm of your heart beats. Hold your partner’s hand to build a connection going to the union of your same thoughts. Enjoy the moment, and treasure every single detail of what’s happening and what is still to happen.

Doing all these stuff in your backyard garden can give an impact on your marriage. It’ll make your relationship even stronger. Do it as often as possible. Add more elements of surprise next time like preparing a bouquet for the wife, as well as the value of gift giving. Hence, it’ll surely make your partner happy in your own garden.


Getting married is the ultimate dream to everyone. When you finally achieved it, do your best to make it healthy and intact. The things discussed above are the helpful recreational techniques you must try in different areas of your home to strengthen your marriage.

Your home has been your witness for your ups and downs. It serves as the stage while you’re performing your role in the family. However, it’s also the place where misunderstandings and problems usually exist. Hence, your home is the best venue to restart, rebuild, refortify the marriage you’ve been keeping for a long time.

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