Critical Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

By Sebastian

Updated October 3, 2022  

Have you heard the phrase "it's better to be with the wrong person than by yourself?"

That's bullshit.

Our DNA and 'herd' mentality make us fear being alone, and this fear may drive us to stay in a relationship even though it is already unhealthy.

Sometimes we can be so blinded by the thought of security having a partner can give without noticing the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

If you currently feel that the affair you’re in is causing you undue emotional pain, lowered self-esteem, and unhappiness, you are in a damaging relationship.

If you ignore the signs of an unhealthy relationship, it will affect your happiness, family, friends, career, and self-esteem.

Not all unhealthy relationships are unsalvageable, but you need to take great care when trying to salvage them as it may be better for both of you if it ends.

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship: What Can Still Be Improved?

Lack of Communication

One of the essential factors in every relationship is communication.

Without it, there is no means to establish a bond, there is no sharing of ideas and encouragement, and most importantly, there is no avenue for growth.

When you feel that communication is lacking between you and your partner, be the first to address the problem.

The longer it is left unattended, the more prone your relationship will be to a breakup.

Initiate a talk and express your desire for better communication.

This way, both of you are aware of the problem, and you can start taking the necessary steps to repair your communication lines.

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Unsupportive Environment

One of the signs of an unhealthy relationship is when your partner is unsupportive of your personal goals.

You are placed in this world for a purpose: to become the best that you can be.

If your partner constantly brings you down by criticizing your dreams or being indifferent when you express your goals, then this is a warning sign that there is something wrong.

What’s even worse is when your partner becomes the reason that prevents you from developing your talents and skills.

One way to remedy this is by showing support in your partner's interests and voicing out how you would like their support as well.

Be aware that even though you may try these things, your spouse may not be interested in reciprocating.

This indicates that it is time to move on but that you have also done your best to save your relationship, so you can leave with your head held high.

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship: When it’s Time to Draw the Line

Physical Abuse

Under no circumstance should your partner hit you. Many people, especially women, who have been physically abused, can surprisingly find excuses why it’s ok for their partner to batter them.

These excuses stem from low self-esteem issues and should be addressed immediately. If your partner has hit you either only a “few” times or continuously, recognize that you are in an unhealthy relationship and should bring this relationship to a close. Today.

Verbal Abuse

Physical assaults are much easier to identify than verbal abuse. Some people may not even be aware that this is considered a form of domestic violence.

If your partner is in the habit of speaking to you in a degrading manner, you must find the strength to make it stop.

Evaluate how you feel after your spouse talks to you in hurting words and be empowered in knowing that every person deserves to be treated with respect.

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A relationship always complements the people that are in it.

A nurturing and loving environment is essential for an individual's growth and the attainment of personal goals.

If you have spotted signs of an unhealthy relationship, don’t hesitate to address it.

Let your partner know your feelings and concerns and give them the opportunity to work with you to make it better.

Eventually, what once was a troubled union, could become a harmonious and loving partnership.

Or you can leave with the strength, self-respect, and knowledge to find a better person for your next relationship.

If you want to know what makes a relationship happy and over 100 practical tips to achieve that, check out my post: How To Have A Happy Marriage, where over 58 experts share their best advice.

  • I’ve been in a 4 year long relationship and we both were raised differently. He was raised very old school were men are superior to women and all women do is cook clean and tend to child. Myself on the otherhand was raised showing that both men and women are equal. And they take on equal responsibility.
    This is where it gets ugly im independent, feminists and he doesn’t like that one bit. And I dont like that he thinks women and myself are silent masses of body that do as were told when they tell us.
    I love this man to pieces but I fear that if he won’t comprise I wont stay.

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