Fights and arguments are typical chunks of most romantic relationships. Despite what idealistic and star-crossed lovers may tell you, the incessant bickering and the seemingly unrelenting debates that couples engage into are what make relationships interesting and animated. Fights are relatively good and beneficial to any relationship. However, there will be times when some arguments

Successful romantic relationships have a lot to do with constant and proper communication. Aside from being the lifeblood of any relationship, effective communication is crucial because it allows couples to share their goals, interests and fears and it helps them express what they feel about their partners and what they want from the relationship. Healthy

We’ve all heard it, the pitiful denial of a relationship in trouble; “I don’t know what went wrong,” or “I had no idea.” As a friend, I bet you already knew the relationship was doomed, you saw it collapsing around your friends ears and you may have even tried to warn them once or a

Only one pain beats the pain of falling in love, the sheer agony of breaking up. No matter whether you instigated the break up or were on the receiving end of the fatal blow, the pain tearing through your heart is nothing short of torture that affects every part of your life. When you hit

Falling in love sucks. When you fall in love your insides get ripped to shreds by excitement, adrenaline and anxiety, but through the turmoil you find a connection with a soul other than yours. This bond makes all the pain worthwhile and for a moment you understand the real meaning of inner peace. You let