4 Ways To Make Up With Your Girlfriend after a Fight

By Sebastian

Updated January 20, 2023  

Fights and arguments are typical chunks of most romantic relationships.

Despite what idealistic and star-crossed lovers may tell you, the incessant bickering and the seemingly unrelenting debates that couples engage into are what make relationships interesting and animated.

Fights are relatively good and beneficial to any relationship. However, there will be times when some arguments can get out of hand.

The worst fights are those sneaky little bastards that blindside you both. You are having a meaningful discussion about where you want to celebrate your anniversary, when all of a sudden, the discussion turns into a heated back-and-forth bickering.

After the fight, you are overwhelmed with guilt and you just want to work on being a better couple despite the truth that you are still a little mad.

Whether you like it or not, sometimes you have to swallow your pride and be the bigger person in the relationship and take action to come up with a resolution especially when your girl is really adamant about not apologizing and getting past her anger and emotional distance.

If you ever find yourself stuck in this sticky situation, here are some recommended ways on how to make up with your girlfriend.

Apologize and Make It Count

Most of the time after a long fight, when egos have been bruised and you both find yourselves retreating to your respected corners to calm down, offering a sincere apology is the best solution.

You might think that your apology is not going to cut it after you have blurted out completely offensive things about your girl but the truth is, a sincere, humble apology is all that she needs to hear from you.

When you are ready to offer your apology, do it in person. Do not be that guy who hides behind his keyboard or mobile phone when saying that he is sorry.

That is not a cool way to make up with your girlfriend. Apologizing requires guts. It takes a huge amount of humility for any person in the relationship to apologize even when they know that they did not start the fight.

And that humility is tantamount to how brave you are to save something that you love.

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Do Not Rush Forgiveness nor Play the Martyr Card

After you have given her flowers and your big “I am Sorry” card—assuming that you are that kind of a boyfriend—the next step is to wait for your girlfriend to grant you her forgiveness.

You just had a fight that drained both of you emotionally, mentally, physically. Even when you have offered your apology, it does not mean that she is completely ready to jump with you in bed and have wild make-up sex.

It may take her time to be cool about it and forget the hurtful things you have hurled against each other. If what you had were one of your innocuous debates, then she might forgive you in like a day or two.

However, if what you just have had is the worst fight that almost ended in a breakup, then you must give her space and time to think things over.

Do not be the paranoid, psycho boyfriend who will stand outside her door in the midst of an angry blizzard and only go away once you are forgiven.

What she needs is time to realize that your love is bigger than the arguments and the nonsense bickering. Go home and take some rest while she assesses your relationship during her healing time.

You will only jeopardize your possible forgiveness if you always show up at her door.

Talk about the Fight in a Calm, Logical Manner

Communication is a vital element to any successful relationship. After the fight and her healing time is over, it is necessary to sit down with your girlfriend and talk about what happened.

Yes, it might be scary to discuss the things that made you both want to murder each other but this is not the time to hit that panic button.

Be calm and reasonable when talking about the fight and try your best to determine the lesson that you can both learn from it.

The fact that you have taken the first move to talk about it will make your girlfriend realize how valuable your relationship is to you.

Why Fighting is Crucial to Any Relationship?

Having a fight with your girlfriend is a necessary part of your relationship because it allows both of you to express how passionate you are in making each other understand your points of view.

Occasional fighting keeps relationships alive and prevents them from tottering into complete monotony.

As such, it can be safe to say that fights and arguments are fundamental in any relationship since they add the much-needed spice to what would probably be a bland and boring love affair.

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