how to make him fall in love with youYou have probably read every dating and relationship book available in bookstore shelves that promise to teach you crazy schemes about how to get a man to fall in love with you.

There is nothing wrong about learning new techniques to make the man of your dreams to fall for you. However, you have to keep in mind that the books you read teach a very generic formula to help women land a guy.

If you are reading them, chances are, any other single woman in the planet is reading them too. Hence, the techniques you are learning are probably the same techniques that other women are using to make your man fall for them.

You do not just want your ideal man to fall in love with any other girl, right?

Despite what you learn from books that you read on dating and relationships, the best thing that you can do when using the pieces of advice you learn from those books is to put your own personal twist on them.

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Putting the real you out there is crucial for you to rise above the group of single women who are out to get available men. There are a lot of techniques women use to get a guy to fall for them, and you need to make your own calls in choosing which ones to employ.

You cannot just use every trick you learn from the books. Pick those that can help you highlight your personality and use them to your advantage.

Here are some ways to make a man notice you and eventually fall in love with you.

Remember the Theory of Proximity

As human beings, we like familiarity, and we tend to get attracted to those we are familiar with. If you find someone or something attractive, the more often you see it or him, the more attracted you will become.

This means that if you see a guy you like, then you have to make sure that you always keep him close by. No, I do not mean you have to turn yourself into an obsessive stalker. You have to be subtle or else he will think you are pretty yet creepy.

If you both go to the same spots, such as the gym, coffee shop, or your favorite diner, then you are likely to see him there again.

If you ran into him a third time, just say hi to him. If you hit it off positively one night, there is no harm in letting him know that you want to hang out with him again. The more you see each other, the more likely he is to fall for you.

Just remember to be subtle, and do not manipulate situations for you to see each other again.

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Take Cues from Self-Disclosure

Revealing things about yourself can help increase your level of attractiveness to the man you want to fall for you. Telling him things about who you are creates a degree of closeness, and it lets him feel closer and more comfortable with you.

Sharing secrets and personal stories imply trust, and your willingness to open up to the other person means that you are ready to form a relationship, platonic or romantic, with him. Self-disclosure is crucial in amplifying the level of intimacy you have with the other person.

However, this does not mean you have to tell him everything about you in just one night. You just have to reveal yourself one detail at a time. You do not want him to get burdened by information.

Moreover, you also need to choose which detail you need to disclose. This might be letting him know how much you like Picasso’s art or how many siblings you have.

Once you feel that you can deeply trust him, then you can start telling him about your life plans or your goals that you still want to accomplish.

Just think of yourself as a puzzle, and by giving him clues about yourself, he is completing a picture of you in his mind. Remember to give him one clue at a time or else you will scare him off if you tell him your entire biography in just one sitting.

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Make Him Feel that He Matters

There are a lot of ways to make him fall in love with you, but perhaps the best technique is to make the man you like feel that he matters.

This does not mean that you have to do grand gestures to make him feel important like surprising him with a candlelit dinner or letting him know that you like him with hot air balloons and an orchestra.

It can be as simple as being physically and mentally present when you are with him. When you are out even on a friendly date, try not to answer too many phone calls.

Remember important details about him and his family such as his parent’s anniversary or his niece’s birthday. These simple courtesies will make him feel that he is an important part of your life.

Play the Mystery Card

The smart move is to play your shroud of mystery. Don’t appear so impressed when he’s starting to brag about his double-degree program or fancy cars. Focus on other members of his group for five minutes or so before lending all ears when he starts talking/bragging.

Don’t Be the Eager-Beaver

You scan the room and see a gorgeous guy surrounded by your group of friends. You feel that he’s checking you out.

You make eye contact and immediately feel the spark, the fireworks, or whatever you call it these days. However, he’s obviously the target of every adoring girl in the room. What would be your next move?

When you’re ready to strike a conversation with him, play it cool and ask him questions as to why he made such life choices. In this way, you can avoid looking so awestruck of his achievements. It’s a major turn off for a guy when he sees that a girl is too eager to get his attention.

Be True to Yourself

Most men are bold enough to advertise that they like someone. From simple to grand gestures, men have mastered the art of making a girl swoon.

However, for most women, they find it incredibly hard to express themselves whenever they are around the man of their dreams. They always have this fear of judgment even though they are blessed with good looks and (hot) bods.

Granted that physical attractiveness plays an important role in scoring lots of drinks at the bar, there are other intangibles that will make a guy fall for you. Guys are not all shallow, believe it or not.

Nothing is sexier than being comfortable in your own skin. For instance, when you’re wearing a smokin’ outfit for the night but you’re not confident or comfortable with it, this would translate with how well you would relate with a guy. Bottom line is, guys are impressed with girls who are confident with who they are.

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