How to Get Your Wife to Love You Again
Steve paused mid stroke. Put his razor down and leaned on the basin. He felt like a zombie. Only barely alive but lost, alone and empty.

What had he done?

She had only been gone for a few hours, yet Steve felt as though it had been years.

His heart ached and reliving the arguments from the night before was like pouring salt on a raw wound.

But he had to do it. He had to find out where it had all gone horribly wrong.

As he heard her words and felt the stinging blow of the front door slamming his ears filled with the words he could never take back. “Fine! I’m better off without you anyway!”

It couldn’t end that easily.

Could it?

He looked into the mirror.

No, it couldn’t end like that.

He wouldn’t let it.

He would find out how to get his wife to love him again even if it killed him. The pain could not be any worse.

Although Steve is a fictional character, everyday thousands of men go through the same plight. Most will let their pride rule their thoughts and suffer the consequences. But a few will take three small steps and find themselves in a relationship which is stronger than ever before.

Whether your wife has left you after an intense argument or you just know in your heart that your marriage is not working the way that it used to, there are ways to rekindle the fire.

Your marriage is like a home. It needs good foundations and sturdy support. By learning how to get your wife to love you again, you can create solid foundations, building your new home brick by brick.

Step 1: Go Back in Time

No marriage goes without it’s changes and traumas. It is all a part of being in a committed relationship. Love does not conquer all and the ability of your marriage to survive these changes is testament to your ability to get through them as a couple.

When learning how to get your wife to love you again you have to take a step back in time to think about the good times and then start to track life events to see if you can see where her feelings changed.

Was it soon after she stopped work to care for your children? Was it after a big promotion, which brought in more money, but left you with less time together? Was it after moving inter-state? Was it a combination of a few events?

See if you can piece together the series of events that changed your relationship dynamics.

Step 2: Understand and Empathize

Everything is easy with the benefit of hindsight. When you look back and see where the changes started, the next step is to understand how those changes have affected your relationship.

A wife who has had a long, illustrious and viable career but now has to stay at home looking after children all day has had her life turned upside down and will struggle with the change.

A wife who has the opportunity of a lifetime at work, but who also has to work longer hours also has major logistical changes and an inner guilt to deal with.

If the changes have been on your side, you may work longer hours, received a promotion, or changed jobs and moved interstate. These changes have also affected her. Is she alone for longer, is she separated from her support network or feeling insecure?

The next step when wanting to learn how to get your wife to love you again is to recognize the impact these changes have had on your marriage.

Step 3: Communicate and Commit

Step three is the hardest.

Once you can see your relationship in all its glory, then you can start to rebuild, starting with the broken cornerstones.

When there are changes in a relationship a huge amount of trust goes out the window. You trust that you will be there for each other. You made a commitment in your vows to care for one another.

Did you?

If you really want to learn how to get your wife to love you again then you have to commit to her in practice as well as in theory.

Talk to her.

Let her know that you can see where things went wrong, let her tell you her version of events and listen to her.

Then commit to the relationship.

Make time to spend together as a couple. It could be by using date nights, by talking an hour each evening to do something together as a couple or by starting a new hobby together.

Learning how to get your wife to love you again will not happen overnight, but given time, patience, understanding and commitment you will rekindle the flame and build your home stronger than ever before.

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  • Hello my wife left me a month ago her excuse was that she wasn’t ready for marriage but after a year she just made that decision i don’t get it. But we still talk it’s so hard to be with her sometimes because I still have feelings for her and love her. And I feel bad for my son this is not fare for him, I wanted a family hopefully one day I can get her back.

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