5 Tips on Helping Children Cope With Divorce

By Sebastian

Updated July 31, 2023  

Divorce is stressful and devastating not only for the couples who have decided to split but also for their whole family.

However, this marital breakup has a more severe effect on the children in many ways.

There is nothing about divorce that is easy for children.

Everything about the split is confusing and sad for the kids, especially for those who are too young to understand what their parents are going through.

No child has ever wished for their parents to break up; therefore, helping them understand the effects of divorce on their family can be daunting.

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Couples who decide to split are going through a legal and emotional battle.

And most of the time, it is difficult for them to make things okay for their children because they are also not in the right frame of mind to become supportive and loving parents due to the stress and worry that the divorce procedure is causing them.

Helping your children cope with your divorce is not exactly a flawless process.

As a parent, explaining your and your spouse’s decision to your children is somehow complicated.

It is an uncharted territory that no parent would ever dream of going through.

Helping your children through divorce is not easy, but there are ways you can do to help your kids get through this somewhat disconcerting chapter.

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Never Be Critical of Your Spouse

When explaining the reasons for the divorce to your children, it is essential to tell them the truth.

Your kids are entitled to know the real reason behind the divorce.

However, when explaining it to your children, it is also crucial that you do not blame your husband or wife for it.

Divorce may stress you out and bring forth a lot of negative feelings against your former spouse, but it is never appropriate to badmouth your ex in front of your kids.

Remember that your children will not forget any negative comment you say about their mother or father.

Despite the divorce, your children love you and your partner as their parents, and it will hurt them to hear you disparage your spouse.

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Choose How Much You Need to Tell Your Children

As mentioned above, it is necessary to be honest with your kids when explaining the reason for the divorce.

However, remember that you have to carefully choose what information or detail you will tell your children.

Take note that information related to the divorce may affect and hurt your kids for a lifetime.

You and your spouse must be age-aware when talking to your children about the divorce.

When you have very young kids, you do not have to go through every excruciating detail with them, or they will be more confused about why their parents are splitting up.

Give them a simple, kid-friendly explanation instead.

However, adult kids may need more information, and since they are adults, you don’t have to give them long-winded details about the divorce.

Do Not Make Them Feel That They Cause the Divorce

Sometimes, children think that they are the reason you and your spouse decided to end your marriage, especially when they see or hear both their parents arguing about them.

Reassure your children that the divorce is never about them or that they are not the reason why you and your partner have decided to give your marriage a deadline.

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Never Forget to Tell Them You Love Them

Always tell them that you and your spouse love them no matter what.

Saying “I love you” to your children is a simple yet very powerful way to let them know that the divorce does not, in any way, change your love for them as parents.

Tell them that even though you and your spouse are not together anymore, you still do not stop loving them.

Work Together With Your Ex as Parents

Despite the divorce, it’s still a huge positive impact on children when they see their parents working together in raising them.

You may end your duties as a husband or wife, but your being a parent does not end because of the divorce.

Plan decisions with your ex when it comes to raising your children.

For example, you need to discuss financial matters related to your children’s studies, custody, and visitation with your ex.

Co-parenting will run smoothly if you and your ex are flexible enough to ensure that there is always a parent who is more than willing and responsible enough to attend to the needs of your kids.

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