6 Critical Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In A Relationship

By Sebastian

Updated September 14, 2022  

Some relationships last, some relationships fall apart completely, but what exactly ruins a relationship and stops it forming into a beautiful lifetime commitment?

What is the issue behind these failed relationships?

Romance and love are always constricted wrongly in movies and with everyone so reliant on the media, everybody has the idea of a knight in shining armour, but sometimes your knight in shining armour falls of the horse.

The question is, how do we stop him from falling?

There are happily married couples out there that manage to keep their connection stable, but how?

It’s simple, avoid the common mistakes people make, from lacking trust with their partner to just not paying them enough attention, avoiding these mistakes will make your relationship grow and succeed.

How do we fall in love?

Many people think love and romance only last in the beginning faze of a relationship and gradually fades away over time.

But truthfully, it depends on how you behave during your partnership, if you behave healthily towards each other you will be prolonging your relationship.

The reason that our behaviour determines the happiness and longevity of our relationship is actually very simple, but to understand it we must focus and learn the function of falling in love.

Backed by our subconscious criteria that we’ve built over the years, when we find and believe that a person will make us happy, it triggers an emotion called ‘love’.

Love makes it so we stay with the person that makes us happy, subconsciously making you stay with that person.

Sometimes we can act in a rational behaviour that we believe won’t be harmful, but usually often makes an impact on your relationship and well-being. This behaviour will lead to a change in emotion between the two of you.

Only two things will happen after the happiness subsides. One, you fall out of love and end your relationship. Two, you stay together for the sake of kids or fear of not finding anyone else.

If you wish to avoid this dilemma, make sure you pay attention to these mistakes

The 6 mistakes

1.  Lack of communicationcommunication is an important role, without it your relationship can get boring and not so satisfying anymore. Keeping good communication will help you in the long run, if you don’t know what to discuss anymore then I suggest asking ‘how was your day’ or simple topics.

2.  Not taking breaksBeing around each twenty four seven isn’t healthy for you or your relationship, space is always an important factor. For example, imagine your favourite food, imagine eating it every day for a week, for a few days it’s good, but it progressively gets boring and it becomes a food you hate.

3.  Lack of trust – Trust is something every relationship needs and without it, it will take a toll of your relationship, lack of trust is only acceptable if your other half has done something to ruin it.

4.  Not playing your part of the relationship – Every relationship has needs that need to be met, if they’re not reached it can bring disappointment on you both, so make sure you do your part and fulfil the others need, whatever it may be.

5.  Insecurity – If you don’t believe that you’re beautiful young woman, how can your other half think so? Insecurity can play a big role of the success of a relationship, to stop this from happening, compliment them every once in a while ‘your hair looks good today honey’ or ‘you’ve lost weight’.

6.  Lack of respect – Respect in a relationship, is just as important as trust. Mutual respect is the foundation in any relationship and even more important for men.

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Sebastian loves analyzing statistics about anything that has to do with the dynamics in a love relationship. He enjoys researching why people behave the way they do (and drinks horrendous amounts of coffee when he's in the zone).

He uses his knowledge to help couples in troubled relationships reconnect with their partners and create a perfectly imperfect relationship.

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