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Get Out NOW! Critical Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Have you heard the phrase “it’s better to be with the wrong person than by yourself?” It is bollocks. Our DNA and ‘herd’ mentality makes us fear being alone, and this fear may drive us to stay in a relationship even though it is already unhealthy. Sometimes we can be so blinded by the thought […]

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How Do I Save My Marriage? 4 Tips to Averting Crisis

how do i save my marriage

The statistics say it all, if you get married you have a very good chance of visiting the divorce courts at some stage. But this is not a pre-ordained future. According to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Missouri, the divorce rate for first marriages is already as high as 50%, while it shoots […]

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5 Relationship Tips for Men to Build an Everlasting Love

relationship tips for men

OK, let’s face it, guys get a hard time when it comes to dating and having a relationship. Whether you are just starting out in the dating scene or have a string of notches in your belt it can be confusing for everyone involved. Finding good relationship tips for men is tough and there is […]

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