Hi there!

I’m Elizabeth Davis, thanks for stopping by.

I bet you are scratching your head, wondering why I care enough about your relationship to offer you advice. For that matter what makes me qualified to even get involved in your relationship?

What makes me so special that I believe I can give you advice on how to save your marriage, get the girl of your dreams or even recover from a broken heart?

You know as well as I do that each relationship is unique to the people in it. If you, your family and the people closest to you can’t save your relationship, then how can a total stranger possibly help you?

Believe me, I get it.

You see, before I met my husband, I was the Queen of She’ll Be ‘Right. I was absolutely convinced that not only had I snagged the man of my dreams, but that we were for-ever. Happy ever after, bells ringing the whole nine yards.

No matter what life threw at us, my husband and I would survive it all and the happy ever after would continue into eternity. Was I totally in love? No. Was he perfect for me? Absolutely not. But none of that mattered because time would change everything. I just knew it.

Truth was, it was ten years before I realized that I’d said yes to a man based on everyone else’s expectations. A man who I had little respect for, and a man who had no respect for me.

When I realized this I started voicing my doubts and fears to those I trusted most.

My family told me to thank my stars. I’d snagged a good provider and there were plenty of other women who would take my place in an instant.

My friends?

Well, they were supportive almost to the point where I couldn’t tell whether they really agreed, or were just being ‘good friends’. Some even started sounding like my family, “be thankful you are married, being alone is soooo much worse.”

Really? It is worse to be alone than in a loveless marriage?

I didn’t think so.

What I needed was a stranger. Someone who knew more about how a relationship is supposed to work than about what my favorite fragrance is and how I like my coffee.

I needed someone who could tell me to my face where I was going wrong and where my weaknesses were most exposed without worrying about how it would impact on my friendship.

I needed someone who would offer their shoulder when the times were rough, but who could also lead me through the tunnel of despair and celebrate with me when I made it through the other side.

I needed someone who could paint the picture of perfect love. In my heart I hoped it existed, but now I know it exists.

Lucky for me, I found that person. It cost me several thousand dollars in counseling fees, but the advice and friendship I found allowed me to walk through the tough times with my head high, even though my heart was shattering with every step. I knew the path I had to take and knew I wasn’t taking it alone.

Yes,  you read it right, I paid for a true friend to help me through.

In my case it was a tough marriage that simply had to end, for the sake of everyone I loved. But I know there are many more relationships that have made it through the darkness. These are healthier, happier, more loving, stronger and more fun to be in as a result.

I vowed that no one else should have to suffer the way I did. No matter whether it was a teen crush, a relationship that had run it’s course or a marriage that just needed a revival. I made a promise to myself that if I could help anyone to avoid wasted years (and thousands of dollars in counseling fees) then I would.

I swore that I would never leave anyone alone during one of the toughest periods in their life.

That I would help ease the pain and be the guiding light for hearts like yours everywhere, wherever and whenever I could.

That I would be a true friend.

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