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No matter how many times you have asked for help to save your marriage all you seem to get back as an answer is “you need to communicate with your spouse” or “you need to get them to open up to you”, or (and this one’s my favorite) “give it time”.

But you know there is more to it than that, you communicate just fine with your spouse, but your relationship isn’t getting any better.

In fact, it would be fair to say that it is definitely off the rocks and at the point where you are being swept out to sea.

What couples who are going through a lot of pressure in their marriages need is someone who has a vast experience in providing the spot-on solutions to a variety of marital problems.

If you are having a rocky period in your marriage, someone who has been helping people rekindle their relationships for ages is just who you need. Someone like Dr. Lee H Baucom, for instance.

Can Dr. Lee H. Baucom really help you save your marriage?

Dr. Lee H. Baucom ReviewTo say that Dr. Lee Baucom is an expert in resolving marriage and relationship conflicts is an understatement.

The guy is more than just a mere expert—he lives and breathes marriage counselling, if that is any consolation.

He has been helping couples save their marriages from the ruthless and expensive clutches of divorce for 20 years.

If you are like in your mid-twenties and are having marital issues, Dr. Lee Baucom has helped his first couple to work on their marriage right at the same time when you were just in grade school.

Dr. Lee Baucom owns the website, savethemarriage.com, and his e-book, “Save the Marriage” has been a go-to guide of most couples when it comes to relationship concerns.

With years of experience, it is without a doubt that Dr. Lee Baucom is a trusted and respected resource of all things relating to relationship advice and marital crisis.

What is distinct about his methodology when dishing out advice on marriage is that he has a realistic approach on resolving marital issues as he encourages couples to have an honest conversation about their relationships.

Clear communication evolves from accurate perception. – Dr. Lee Baucom

Most so-called marriage experts will tell you that communication is key to making marriage bonds stronger.

Although that is true most of the time, what these experts fail to discuss is that misperception is often the main cause why couples argue.

Dr. Lee Baucom teaches that to better understand your wife’s or husband’s needs and desires, you must take the time to actually perceive those needs and feelings.

You can communicate all you want, but when you do not adjust your perception, you will remain clueless on how to patch things up with your partner.

Another crucial lesson that couples will take away from reading Dr. Lee Baucom’s ebook and pieces of advice on his website is that couples must not let the negative momentum of their relationship to work against them.

Most of the time, couples tend to procrastinate about sitting down and actually having an honest-to-goodness yet calm discussion about a problem that is perpetually troubling their marriage.

They let the problem exist hoping that, like a lost raccoon on their garbage bin, it will go away on its own.

This is a dangerous misconception because by the time couples realize that they need to take action, it is often too late to save their marriage.

They are often caught unprepared by the divorce papers being filed against them.

“Marriages die from outright neglect,” Dr. Lee Baucom asserts, which is something that rings true especially for people who have been blindsided by divorce.

If 20 years of marriage counselling experience is not enough for you to trust, let alone, read Dr. Lee Baucom’s work, it will be good to know that he is also a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

This basically means that he is “legit” when it comes to fixing other people’s marriage. Dr. Lee Baucom encourages couples like you to not settle for a mediocre relationship.

Instead, you have to aim for the kind of marriage that defines the whole reason why you got married in the first place.

Why Is It Different?

Enter Dr Lee Baucom, a marriage counselor who has 20 years experience helping couples save their marriage.

But so what? What can Dr Lee Baucom offer you that nobody else can?

That’s what I thought, too, so I set out to do an honest Save the Marriage review and fully expected Dr Lee Baucom’s book to be just like all the rest. Telling the same story and giving the same advice.

I was wrong.

With so many guides, ebooks and programs in the Internet claiming to help you to save your marriage, it’s a breath of fresh air to find this collection of good, solid material from Dr Lee Baucom.

Dr. Lee Baucom goes beyond merely saving your marriage, encouraging you focus on what you can do to keep your marriage intact.

What Makes Dr. Lee Baucom Different?

Much of the relationship material found online is written by laypeople who have no counseling qualifications or experience.

Much of the material endorsed by these unqualified marriage counselors is unproven and untested. Since these “counselors” are not properly trained in marriage counseling and therapy, they often resort to general techniques that rarely work for the situation.

Why pay to listen to these people, when you can get the same advice from your friends without paying a dime?

You may be aware that the average success rate for couples who see a qualified therapist is only 20%. That is, only 20% of couple who seek marriage counseling are successful in saving their marriage.

Dr. Lee Baucom’s success rate is 90%.

You have an almost 100% chance of saving your marriage using Dr Lee Baucom’s methods than by going to a qualified therapist.

Dr. Lee Baucom admits that during his early days of practice, he, like his colleagues, applied the old-fashioned principles he had been taught. Unfortunately these techniques rarely bought success.

It was only after he realized that his colleagues were doing no better that he decided to conduct his own research, developing a new and unconventional approach to marriage issues. He credits his astounding success to this unique approach.

Destructive Myths in Marriage

A critical part of Dr. Lee Baucom’s Approach is revealing the “Four Myths of a Successful Marriage.” These four myths are that:

#  Communication is critical

#  There is only one path to a successful marriage

#  You cannot save the marriage if your partner is not trying

#  Time heals all wounds

save the marriage review by lee h baucom phd

According to Dr. Lee Baucom, “More marriages die from neglect than any other cause.”

He says that there are numerous situations, in which one partner will ask the other for a divorce, and the second party can only react with surprise since he or she didn’t even know that there was a problem.

If the spouse is not aware of a problem, then there is plenty of communication, but it is the perception needing adjustment.

You will learn about this as well as the eight paths to a successful marriage, how to save the marriage if your spouse isn’t trying and why time is of the essence.

Save the Marriage Review: What Can Go Wrong

During surveys of priorities and needs, marriage has always been in the top five,  however, few people really take the initiative and time it takes to keep the marriage blooming.

Neglect can turn into indifference, causing the marriage to crumble. Oftentimes, people just decide to opt out since it requires less work than trying to repair a broken marriage.

According to Dr. Lee Baucom, it is critical to understand the state of your marriage. Identifying the specific stages will determine what treatment will be applied and how.

When reading this Save the Marriage Review please understand, that there is no method guaranteeing a ‘happy ending’. However, with the height of Dr. Lee Baucom’s success rate and the testimonies appearing on his website, it is certainly worth trying.

Dr. Lee Baucom closes by saying that his Save the Marriage program isn’t only about saving the marriage, it is about creating the relationship of your dreams and a future life together that is both fulfilling and happy.

Amen to that.

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