How to Save a Marriage from Divorce – 5 Ways to Stop Divorce in It’s Tracks

Conflict between the man and the woman - how to save a marriage from divorceReaching a point in your marriage where you know that you need help is frightening.

Having to ask yourself ‘how to save a marriage from divorce’ is agonizing. The feeling that life is about to change forever and you are about to become yet another statistic, raises such an intensity of feeling and terror that the very thought can be paralyzing.

But no matter how far into the divorce process you and your spouse may be, it is never impossible to learn how to save a marriage from divorce.

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Before taking out your pen and signing those final divorce papers, take a moment to reflect as to why you and your spouse have come to this point.

When you contemplate upon the situation, push away any negative emotion and focus solely on the reasons. Reflect with pure intentions and you will begin to see clearly whether or not your relationship is worth saving.

Once you’ve made the decision to give your marriage a second try, you can begin to implement these measures on saving a marriage from divorce.

How to Save a Marriage from Divorce

#    Make the First Move – When it comes to divorce situations, most of the time pride gets in the way. When pride gets out of hand, communication wanes and the marriage begins to falter.

This communication barrier can only be resolved when one partner makes the first move in reaching out. Voice your desire to stop the divorce, and show your spouse just how determined you are to make the marriage work.

#    Explain your Point of View – Your sudden desire to give the marriage a second chance may come as a surprise to your spouse. Most of the time they will demand an explanation. Once you get their attention, clearly, concisely, and calmly let them know your side.

Explain to your spouse what you think are the reasons behind the divorce, and more importantly, volunteer solutions to address these problems. State what you can do to effect change, and don’t forget to ask your spouse’s opinion.

Women listening to her husband`s problems to save her marriage from divorce#    Listen to Your Spouse – During your initial talk, be prepared to meet resistance. This is because your spouse may already have set their minds on the divorce, but don’t let this discourage you.

Encourage your spouse to verbalize his or her feelings and what they think can be improved in the marriage. Keep an open mind and a receptive attitude; they are more likely to continue sharing with you if they see how open you are to their thoughts.

#    Make the Change – Once you get the input from your spouse its time to re-evaluate the needs of the relationship. Getting your partner’s point of view can open up new angles to the problem, and it can shed light on what is missing in your relationship.

At this point you can begin asking yourself, “Am I willing to take action on the suggestions of my spouse?” and “Am I willing to make the change now?” It is vital for the adjustments to be effective immediately because it shows sincerity in your effort when learning how to save a marriage from divorce.

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#    Take Positive Action – Couples who are on the road to divorce may have deep emotional pains and hurts which are difficult to resolve without help. If you are willing to bring your marriage back to the road of happiness and love, it may be beneficial to seek couples counseling.

A counselor can help improve communication lines, while fostering an open environment that can help both a husband and wife in their quest to save their marriage.

There are no rigid rules on how to save a marriage from divorce. Giving your marriage a second chance can start from acknowledging the problem, gaining the attitude to improve the situation, rebuilding trust and finally taking the necessary action.

Although difficult at first, small steps can lead to big improvements leading to a positive environment and ultimately a healthier and happier relationship.

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