Constant couple arguing in the kitchen -Criticism In A Relationship

How To Deal With Criticism In A Relationship

Being criticized is a serious concern for many people, and worse, people worry about criticizing others, due to the fact they hate being criticized themselves. It’s a horrible feeling sometimes, especially if done in a vicious fashion. The truth is, having critical feedback can often be a good thing and is a vital part of […]

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Looking for love, human searching for love with heart using abstract search engine

Break the Cycle of Dead-End Relationships and Find The Love You Deserve

We all have been through that time when we became skeptical and jaded about love because every relationship we have had only ended up in failure. After a romantic relationship that burst into flames, we feel helpless in not knowing how to start again and how to pick the pieces of ourselves. We feel incomplete […]

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Are You Afraid of Romance?

The nastiest thing about love is that it is not everything that you have learned and seen in romantic comedies. People do not simply fling themselves into each other’s arms as if looking for romance is as easy as solving a grade school Math problem. You do not just go out the door holding a […]

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Hands of friendship - being friends after a break up

Being Friends After A Break Up – Is That Even Possible?

Most people prefer not to be friends with their exes after a breakup because they feel that there will always be a lingering feeling of bitterness and resentment, which will make the friendship impossible to happen. If it is a really crappy relationship that ended in a completely shitty breakup, then the idea of being […]

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Man holding a cell phone typing a message - How to text a girl you like

7 Tips on How To Text A Girl You Like

Interacting with women is easy for some guys and difficult for others. Do not worry if you find talking to girls troubling. This is normal and natural. You can improve the skills you have to help you communicate with ladies. Since text messaging has become so popular, you will likely be communicating with girls through […]

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Crazy Things We Do When We’re In Love

Love is an emotion which cannot be expressed in words. It has been with us right from the time we were born. It starts with love for our parents, our siblings, our friends, our lover, our children and even for nature, our pets, hobbies and God. Love is everywhere, and no matter how much we […]

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How to Date Like a Supermodel in NYC

The dating scene in New York is hard for everyone it seems, including Miss USA ‘Nana Meriwether’. You’d think she’d have no worries finding a date in the city, but Nana has recently revealed to top New York magazine blog ‘The Cut’ her struggles to find the one. When talking about her experiences she highlighted […]

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How to Know If a Woman Likes You – Based On Psychology

For some men, it takes a really short time to know if a woman they have met likes them or not. Half an hour is all it takes to know if someone you have just met likes you or not if you know how to read the signs and this is not based on some […]

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Happiness as a Weapon of Seduction

Let’s face it; no guy wants to be around a girl who is always sad and depressed. For most guys depression is a serious turnoff. Men do not want to hear about every bad thing in your life, every time you open your mouth. While it is important for a man to be a good […]

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6 Critical Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In A Relationship

Some relationships last, some relationships fall apart completely, but what exactly ruins a relationship and stops it forming into a beautiful lifetime commitment? What is the issue behind these failed relationships? Romance and love are always constricted wrongly in movies and with everyone so reliant on the media, everybody has the idea of a knight […]

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